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How To Earn Free Bitcoins

1. What are faucets?

Faucets are websites where you earn usually satoshi (subdivision of the bitcoin) or another cryptocurrency for just visiting the websites with ads on it, or viewing ads for a certain amount of time ,solve a captcha or doing some tasks such as managing something in a faucet-game.

2. What are "satoshis"?

Satoshis are the subdivision unit for the bitcoin . Same thing are the cents for the dollar. Satoshis are named after "Satoshi Nakamoto" name or nickname, used by the person who created the bitcoin.

3. How a faucet works?

It is very simple, basically the faucet websites displays advertised banners from ad networks. Ad networks pays the faucet admins for the visits of the claimers (faucet members) on the banners (not really clicks on banners but for the times banners being displayed). From that money received from ad networks , the faucet admin decides how much will give to the members by setting a reward which can be fixed or variable for a specific or average of time . For example a faucet can give 50 or 60 or 80 or 100 satoshi every 10 minutes after you solve the captcha to prove that you are a human and not some kind of automation program.

4. Is it worth it?

For some it does but for some it doesn't because the rewards are usually to small but the faucets are very recommended for the beginners in cryptocurrency world. In fact you need to have a wallet and to register to start earning crypto, you dont need any knowledge about how cryptocurrencies works. There are faucets which pays better and some are paying not so good. It depends very much on the price of the cryptocurrency , how good are the ad networks used and how many members are active on the faucet , also it depends on admin's honesty and greedy but also depends on how much time you can spend online on that faucet.

5. Can i make lots of bitcoins from faucets?

No, you can't , even the best paying faucet-games are not the best way to earn money on internet but at least is a free way, 99% are no-investments faucets and does not require advanced nor any skills in something ,even if you don't know anything about bitcoin you can earn ,as long as you have created a wallet. However the faucets are a better/easier way to earn money than some other websites such as "solve captcha" websites or even ptcs.

6. In which crypto currency i get paid?

Most of the faucets on internet (~95%) are paying in bitcoin and only few are paying in another (most known) cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin. Why +95% of the faucets are paying in bitcoin ? Because it is very simple to get an ad network to use on faucets which pays the admin in bitcoin and the admin to set a percentage to pay the users. Also using a bitcoin ad network and get paid in bitcoin as admin, doesn't affect you to much the volatility of the bitcoin but only the increasing fees for TX to send the money to users might give some troubles causing to reduce the claimed reward from that faucet.

7. How do i join to a faucet website?

Some faucets requires to create account (faucets with accounts are known to have less problems with the bots) and some faucets requires just a bitcoin address from your wallet.

8. Are the faucets safe to register and use?


Faucets are safe to register if ONLY bitcoin address ,email, nickname are required and if is not asking private data such as ID data, your personal real address. But don't worry you won't find faucets which are asking such data . Giving btcoin address is not exposing private data but the ID of your wallet is . Never add your wallet ID such as e1234-r4578-g5rt4-5th789-... by mistake to a faucet, this is private data. A bitcoin address has only letters (caps or not) and numbers and is made of 14 characters such as 1fR467D45f4206b3f3DE... (this is a fictional example address) and it doesn't contain special characters/symbols/dashes/signs. Faucets are mostly safe but many of them uses shrink links which may lead to pages with malware or files to download, so in 99% it's not the admin fault if a shrink leads to a file to be downloaded. Just ignore and don't download anything and if something skipped the browser and had a forced download, just dont unzip, dont install, and delete it.

9. How can i know a faucet is not a scam?

Only a veteran claimer can avoid to join to a scam faucet with a very high probability of success and as long as i consider myself a veteran claimer i'm gonna share with you some hints to help you to avoid to waste time for nothing so look after these hints to discover a possible scam.

1. The minimum withdraw is set to high (way above 25k satoshi or in some casea way above 50k)

2. The faucet has no official announcing topic anywere and claim values are very high (such as 800 satoshi/hour or 1000 satoshi/10 minute or...)

3. You won't see advertised this faucet on other popular websites/faucets. (website is online silently)

4. Sister scam faucets are usually cross advertised between each other.

5. There is a probability of 99% that a scam faucet has at least 1 another sister faucet (see point 4 how to find them).

6. Domains ending with .ru (russians) are highly probable to be a scam + clone , internet is saturated with russian scam faucets.

Anyways, even a good faucet due to different reasons , may stop paying someday so avoiding or predicting a scam faucet with 100% accuracy is impossible.

10. Are faucets risky for investments?

Of course they are IF an upgrade plan with the money from your pocket is required on the faucet ,such as : being asked to deposit 0.001 BTC in order to withdraw more. This is more like a ponzi.

11. How many faucet types are on the internet?

Bitcoin faucets (payment in bitcoin) Normal faucets (just solve timed or not, captcha(s)) Hybrid faucets (are a mix of viewing ads(PTC) & solve captcha(s) Game faucets (the time to spend on driving a car or manage a shop or grow a plant means higher money rewards because admin will receive more money from ad networks because the ad banners are displayed much longer time on a specific page . The game faucets or faucet-games are most popular and most wanted by the claimers due to higher rewards . Such websites can gather even +3000 users online DAILY .While a normal faucet or a hybrid one can have average of 100-300 users daily. Faucet-game may also require you to solve captcha from time to time. Some Bitcoin faucets may have upgrade plans ,specially the faucet games . Some of them are asking for your money from your pocket (these are the risky ones and should be avoided to invest in such faucets) but also some of them may require money from your earned "in-game" balance which is not always a reason to avoid it . There are faucet games which are really paying better after upgrading something with the money from your earned balance because it takes a longer time to apply an upgrade and in the meantime admin has earned more from ad networks while you were online on the website.

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